Purple Martin Club

The Purple Martin Club maintains the Purple Martin boxes at the Museum and at Cove Point Lighthouse.  Our goal is to foster an active colony and to encourage our visitors to support this amazing bird by putting up their own houses.  The birds in our colony continually sing such pleasant songs and their behaviors are so entertaining to watch.  Purple Martins spend the non-breeding season in Brazil and then migrate to North America to nest.  They are totally dependent on human-supplied housing and have a strong site loyalty to return to the same nest site each year!  If humans were to stop supplying martins with homes, they would likely disappear as a breeding bird in eastern North America.  That is why it is inherent that we continue to maintain our boxes and to educate our visitors on how important it is for them to start their own colony.  Please consider joining our club and help with our Purple Martin colony.
For more information about starting your own colony please visit the Purple Martin Conservation Association(PMCA) website at https://www.purplemartin.org.  They are one of the most respected authorities on Purple Martins and are a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of Purple Martins.

If you are interested in joining the club or just want to learn more about Purple Martins contact Ken Ritter at 301-481-8536 or kenritter326@gmail.com.